7 Simple and Effective Home Gardening Tools

By : Aarohi Sharma
On : 28 June, 2021 8:16 am

Gardening can be a great way to feel refreshed and connect with nature. The tasks that we do while gardening has a weird calming effect that is rather hard to explain.

Of course, you need a garden to do the Home gardening. It doesn’t have to be an open garden though. You can plant some plants in a well-lit part of your house and have an enclosed garden as well. 

That being said, you can’t just use your hands to do the gardening. You need some gardening tools for that. So today we have 8 of the most common and important tools that you will need for home gardening in Nepal.

1. Fork

The fork is one of the most important tools for home gardening. It can be made from both wood and steel and is a stick with a comb-shaped top attached to it. 

It is used to dig out the soil when they are too dry to dig by the Garden Hoe. Besides this, it also has a secondary function of removing the large plant materials buried in the dirt.

You can buy Fork in the nearby hardware stores, gardening shops, or supermarkets.

2. Garden Hoe

A Garden hoe is simply a flat steel top on a stick. This is the primary tool for digging that you use in a home garden or even in the fields. For those who don’t know what a garden Hoe is in Nepali, it is called Kodalo or Chaade

While its main function is digging, due to the blade on top, it can also be used for cutting out the weeds and flattening the soil as well. This is a simple but a must need tool for home gardening.

You can buy this in any agricultural store, gardening shop, or hardware store.

3. Pruner

This is one of those must-have tools for home gardening. This is a tool that looks a lot like a plier but with a blade. This is a tool used to snip away extra branches. It not only helps in making the garden look clean but also in making sure that the branches of one plant don’t impede other plants’ growth. 

You can buy this in any hardware store and gardening store. 

4. Shovel

This is one of the most common tools that you can use for home gardening. The main purpose of the shovel is to dig and mix. Additionally, if you don’t have a Garden Hoe, you can use this as a replacement. It won’t be a good replacement as there are things that are meant to be done by Garden Hoe, but Shovel works well. enough. 

You can find the shovel in any gardening, agricultural or hardware shops.

5. Water Sprinkler

Now water sprinklers can be anything from a moderately sized tin can with holes on top,  a water bottle with holes in the cap to a well-designed water sprinkler. Regardless of what you use, it is one of the most essential tools that you need for home Gardening. 

It doesn’t take a genius to know that this tool is used to give water to plants without damaging them by one large stream of water.

6. Gloves

A home garden is filled with Dirt and dirt is not the safest of things as it can contain harmful microbes. To prevent them from infecting you, you should use gloves. In addition to that, if you use particularly thick gloves, it can prevent injuries and if you use rubber gloves, it can increase the grip on your tools while home gardening. 

You can find Gloves just about everywhere from hardware stores to clothing stores.

7. A small ax

A small ax, also known as “Sano Bancharo” is one of the versatile tools for home gardening as well. The main function of this ax is to chop off hard branches and thick stems of the plants in your garden when you need to

Along with this, a small ax has a few secondary uses as well like clearing out the shrubs and when needed, it can also function as a makeshift hammer.

You can buy small axes at any hardware or gardening store around you.

8. Fertilizer

Fertilizers are the chemicals and compounds that you use to keep the plants healthy and help them grow faster. Now you can make a good home garden even without the use of fertilizers. However, you need to be extremely lucky or knowledgeable for that to happen. 

If you want to make a good home garden without fertilizers you need to maintain the right temperature, the right amount of water, the right type of soil, and the right amount of sunlight. This is an extremely difficult thing to do and using fertilizer is much easier.

You can buy fertilizers from agricultural or gardening stores. 

Final Thoughts

Home gardening is a relaxing activity where you do mundane things to let the world move at its own speed while you slow down. It should be noted that it takes a long time for a home garden to be set up as it is made from plants and plants take time to grow.

Apart from this, you can choose plants that you like if you know how to take care of them. 

Also on a side note, you need different types of fertilizers for different plants. If you don’t know what type of fertilizer you need, call an agricultural expert for help. It will be much easier, quicker, and cheaper than knowing the right fertilizer through the process of trial and error.

As always thank you for reading till the end and if you have any feedback, for us, let us know down in the comments below

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