8 Simple and Mandatory Electrical Tools Kit

By : Aarohi Sharma
On : 28 June, 2021 8:09 am

Can you imagine a life without electricity? Everything that we do nowadays is all thanks to electricity. Electricity is not the most reliable nor the safest thing to work with. If you ask any of the early 2000’s kids they will tell you how they survived with near 16 hours of power cuts per day and how unreliable this thing is. Along with the power cuts, there are a lot of things that can disrupt the flow of electricity, such as a broken socket and snapped wires. To fix this we need some electrical tools and a basic understanding of how electricity works.

Even if you do understand how electricity, working without electrical tools is a safety hazard and you will injure yourself. In the worst-case scenario, you might even kill yourself if you work with electricity without the proper electrical tools. So today we have __  of the must-have electrical tools for basic maintenance.

1. Plier

They are one of the most essential parts of an electrical tool kit. It is used for a lot of different purposes including tripping the wire safely, cutting, twisting, bending the wires, and also removing the insulating plastic coat on some of the smaller wires. 

The tips of the pliers are made from steel and the handles are coated with a thick insulating layer of plastic and or rubbers. Although any basic plier is good enough for basic repair, a professional electrician has a wide range of pliers each with its specific intended purpose.

2. Screwdrivers

Similar to pliers, this is one of those must-have electrical tools for electrical repairs. Since a lot of things including electrical equipment are connected through screws, if one doesn’t have this electrical tool, then they cannot open a multitude of things.

Along with this, some screwdrivers can check if a wire is alive or not as well. 

3. Tape Measure

Accuracy is very important while fixing any electrical device. It helps in reducing the wastage of wires and makes it easier for you to fix the device. Along with this, it should be noted that while in some situations, this can be done with rulers, due to the nature of wires and the palace that they are used in, tape measures are the best way to measure the length of the wire needed.

Also, it should be noted that tape measure has a greater amount of measuring capacity than any ruler. 

4. Electrical tape

This is one of those most essential electrical tools that one must have while going for any repairs. The main function of this device is to insulate exposed wires. This not only reduces the electrical hazard from preventing people from getting exposed to live wires but also by preventing short circuits from happening within circuits. You see, a life constantly has electricity flowing within it and without any insulation, any small touches with other wires can short circuit the device and potentially cause electricity as well as a fire hazard.

5. Zip Ties


The function of this tool is rather simple – to organize the cables. This device is a simple plastic chord that can lock in itself forming a hard-to-break loop. They are usually small in size and are durable. 

Although the standard color for zip ties is white, if you need to, you can find zip ties of multiple colors as well for better organization.

6. Electric Drill

This is an electrical tool that, as its name says, is used to drill holes into the walls. It is useful for drilling holes to do anything, whether it be for adding new fixtures to disassemble hardware or to access previously installed wires through a hard surface.

Similar to Pliers and Screwdrivers, there are different types of drill bits (the tip that you use for drilling) depending on the need. There is a set of drill bits for screwing and unscrewing as well as boring holes in the wall. It should be noted however that this is after all a powerful tool and can easily hurt you if you are not careful while using this.

7. Voltage Tester

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When you are working with electricity, you need the power to go off at key sections. If this is not done, you can very well get shocked. In some cases, you need to know if the voltage is safe enough to install a device or not. 

A voltage tester as its name says is an electrical tool used to measure the voltage of a section in the circuit to be safe. Needless to say, this is one of the crucial electrical tools for electrical repair.

8. Insulating Gloves

We cannot stress enough the importance of insulating gloves in an electrical tool kit. This is the primary defense and the last line of defense you have against electricity.  They are made from rubber, plastic, or other synthetic materials that do not allow the smooth passage for electricity. 

Of course, being careful and using common sense are your first-line safety measures. However, we are just humans and accidents tend to happen sometimes even when we are careful. If the live wire with a limited volt touches insulating gloves, it can very well give you enough time to react and be safe. 

Before we go,

Working with electricity is a dangerous and complex task, You not only need to know what to do but the right kit of electrical tools to enable you to do it safely. You should never underestimate electricity as it can not only shock you and kill you but also cause fires and burn down things. If handled poorly, electricity is two in one combo of hazard.

As always thank you for reading till the end. If you have any feedback for us, do let us know in the comments down below.

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