Top 10 Nepali News Sites

By : Aarohi Sharma
On : 27 May, 2021 9:09 am

There has been bombardment in the Nepali news sites as the internet penetration has significantly increased in Nepal in the past decade. More interestingly, you might wonder knowing that most of the online Nepali news sites are listed as top search results on Alexa. Not only namely the few, but the trend is huge, and many online Nepali news sites seem to have their hold in the digital platform.

Considering such a trend, in this article, we are going to talk about Ten such Nepali News Sites which are categorized on our list sorted according to the popularity and listing in Alexa.

So without wasting any time let’s give a sneak peek at the lists of Nepali News Sites.

Lists of 10 Nepali News Sites


The OnlineKhabar has dominated over other online news sites being on the third aside from Google and Facebook as the most popular sites in Nepal.

The OnlineKhabar is a decent online news site that is based on both English and Nepali language. Aside from the local and main news, the site covers other topics like business, lifestyle, IT, entertainment, international news, and sports.

Further, the volume of content updated daily on the OnlineKhabar site is decent and competitive with the other online news sites. And they have a separate section namely the Trending section which is placed just below the Header which specifically provides the news relating to the trending topic. For instance, say you click on the Coronavirus tab, then the page opens the tab with the Covid related news and updates.


The is another popular online Nepali news site that is second to OnlineKhabar in popularity. Unlike, OnlineKhabar, the ekantipur publishes in Nepali for which one must regard that the OnlineKhabar has a robust Online website design which has the option to toggle between the Nepali and English option with just a click.

The best thing about the ekantipur site is the range of contents and coverage is huge. Apart from that, the opinion pieces written and shared on the site are also unmatched.


The Khabarhub is another popular online news site of Nepal. Now hands down, Khabarhub as a news site is so broad and comprehensive as a news site. You name it with the section for opinion pieces to interviews to the utility tab which offers the service like date converter and language converter, it has something extra to offer.

Now, what’s more, interesting about Khabarhub is that it has a section on its English page as ‘Fact-Checking’ which is a noble concept in Nepal and they have started recognizing and addressing the urgency and need for fact-checking in a digital world where fake news spreads like a wildfire.


Sancharkendra is another popular online news site of Nepal. Unlike Khabarhub and OnlineKhabar the Sancharkendra lacks the feature to toggle feature to switch from Nepali news site to English. Though it has an option to switch to an English site, the contents for the English page are abysmal.

Apart from that, the Nepali page has decent news coverage and a range of coverage on a multitude of topics like politics, business, literature, sports, and many more. The good thing about this site is that, like ekantipur, this site also has a separate news coverage sorted according to the states.

5. is an online subsidiary of News24 news channel. The News24nepal just like ekantipur only focuses on the Nepali news page. The contents and news reports range on this site is really commendable. Further, the good thing about this site is there is a tab for ‘Education‘ on the landing page tab, unlike other sites which seem to have given the focus and importance on the news related to education sector.


The reportersnepal is a decent online news site with a wide range of reporting like other online media platforms be it politics, national and international news, economy, sports, and many more. Though the site has ample credibility in Nepali content, the contents on the English page are really poor.


Ratopati has firmly established itself as one of the trusted online news site of Nepal. Though the site only contains Nepali content, the amount of content and coverage is commendable. Further, the platform contains opinion pieces, interviews, and a really different approach under ‘Ratopati Special tab’ a magazine-like format of the collection of interviews on social, political, and historic issues with the intellectuals is unique and informative.


Dainikonline is another Nepali content-based online news site. The news contents in this platform cover basic topics such as National breaking news, international, economy, sports, opinion, and entertainment. Thus, unlike the platforms like ekantipur, Khabarhub the range of topics covered and the amount of content is low. Nevertheless, the basic headline news and topics are covered.


The Nagariknetworks is another online news site subsidiary of a big publication house Nagarik. Being the subsidiary of the publisher, the amount of contents and the range of topic covered along with editorial and opinion piece makes it a credible online news site. Further, if you are a fan of the cartoonist ‘Rabin Saymi’, you may find the Cartoon tab from the left side drop down and enjoy some of the subtle satirist cartoon depictions.


Setopati is another online news site that has established trust and credibility as an online news platform. The Setopati news site has established itself in publishing the contents in both Nepali as well as the English language. The striking perk of Setopati is in its blog, opinion, and editorial content.

Read this article in Setopati written as an opinion piece and make sure you read others too as the contents written on this site are really diverse and enriching.

Ending Thoughts

Fianlly, these are 10 compiled list of the online news site of Nepal which are listed in Alexa.

The amount of traction and credibility these online publishers have got is astounding. As all of these sites have ample social media presence and followers, and a strong digital listing and presence, their prospects as an online media platform are immense.

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