29 Best Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu Valley

By : Aarohi Sharma
On : 30 August, 2020 8:36 am

Are you planning to go for a picnic? But confused about a good venue, then don’t worry, here we have listed 30 best picnic spots in and nearby Kathmandu so that you can have the best picnic venue for next time.

1. Tribhuvan Park

Tribhuvan Park is the most popular picnic spot, situated in Thankot. It is a beautiful park facilitated with a proper restroom, electricity facilities, and other picnic requirements but you have to pay an extra amount for reserving your picnic spot. If you are from Kathmandu or nearby places, then you must have visited this place either from a school picnic or any other organization’s picnic program.

2. Godawari

30 Best Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu Valley

Godawari is one of the beautiful locations nearby Kathmandu, so many people choose this location for their picnic as well as shooting location. It has got beautiful greenery, water sources, large area for the get together.

You ned tickets to enter the park, it is also fascilated with picnic spots, restrooms, and electricity but extra charges will be added.

3. Lakuribhanjyang

30 Best Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu Valley

Lakuribhanjyang is a recently popular picnic venue. It is just 13km away from Gwarko, which is not only famous for a picnic spot but also for hike and treks too. The beautiful scenary from Lakuribhanjhyang and the local cultures and tradions is a treat to your eyes.

4. Sangha Bhaktapur

Sanga is situated on the fringe of the Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchwok locale in Nepal, around 20 km from Kathmandu. You can stop by at Sangha for a brisk break which is en route to your objective or on your way back home. Kailashnath Mahadev in Sangha, situated on the outskirt of Bhaktapur and Kavre areas, is the tallest sculpture of Lord Shiva in Asia. Made with copper, zinc, steel, and concrete, the sculpture stands 142 feet tall, and besides its platform, the Shiva icon itself is said to quantify 108 feet high. The sculpture premises likewise have an eminent perspective on the open country.

5. Bajrabarahi temple

30 Best Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu Valley

The Bajrabarahi temple is located in Chapagaun is a beautiful combination of nature and religion. It is one of the popular picnic spots that you have to pay for the reservation that includes both electricity and water charges too.

6. Dulikhel

30 Best Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu Valley

Dhulikhel is legitimately celebrated as an all-around protected Newari town, mountain perspective, hiking, and picnic center. However, its fame is fading as modernization incurs significant damage. Found 5km east of Banepa, just past the Kathmandu Valley edge, it sits at the moderately low rise of 1550m

The most well-known action in Dhulikhel is climbing to the high point southeast of town in an ideal opportunity for dawn over the pinnacles. To get to the top, take the street driving east from Mahendra Chowk for about 1km, passing a major entertainment zone on the left, and afterward go directly at the following fork. By walking, permit around a little ways from Dhulikhel to the top, just as a lot of time for ogling at the various fowls and butterflies – pay special mind to the racquet-followed drongos and turtle birds.

7. Kakani

Kakani has made itself famous for the beautiful perspectives on mountains like Langtang (7227m), Ganesh (7422m), Manaslu (8163m), Annapurna (8091m), Dorje Lakpa (6966m, etc. Alongside this entrancing bio-decent variety, the snow-clad mountains follow the explorers up and down the path. The outside air and quiet nature in spite of being just a couple of km away from Kathmandu draw in numerous clients.

Kakani additionally offers the chance to observe the nearby culture and way of life. The Tamang culture and conventions can be delighted as you investigate around. The nearby trout fish cafés can likewise be investigated for a sample of scrumptious cooking. Other than them, the neighborhood rhododendron and strawberry enhanced liquor are additionally something explorers can appreciate in Kakani.

8. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a town in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. It is 32 km northeast of Kathmandu on the northern edge of the Kathmandu Valley. Nagarkot is popular for its Himalayan perspectives, great outing spot, and the Himalayan tops at dawn being especially heavenly.

Almost certainly about it, clear perspectives, specifically, are excellent. From this brilliant vantage point, it is now and then conceivable to see from Dhaulagiri in the west, to the extent Kangchenjunga in the east. That is around 300km of Himalayas! The extremely sharp eye (and typically with help of binocular) may have the option to choose the culmination of Everest, albeit a pinprick on the inaccessible skyline.

9. Dolalghat

Dolalghat is a town advancement panel in the Kabhrepalanchok District in Bagmati Pradesh of focal Nepal. It is a favored objective for an excursion, and travel with family. This spot such a large number of numerous specialties in the feeling of Tourism, Historical, Locality, and some more. Plan your next journey and visit with your family to appreciate the best climate, streams, water sports, and a lot more experience exercises.

We can decide to remain along the stream of Sunkoshi and locate a pleasant new spot for our excursion, or we choose to move up a piece for better perspectives and have our lunch in the green. If you have the time it will amazing to choose to climb further up to Saping town and remain the night there.

10. JaharSingh Pauwa

Jaharshing Pauwa offers you the terraced paddy fields and some timberland territories which is a decent spot for an excursion spot. These spots are best for the winged creature watching visit too. In the event that you are vegetation darling, at that point Hiking in Nepal in Kathmandu valley presents a bounty of the greenery. Distinctive relocating and neighborhood winged creatures some are even imperiled species can be seen.

The all-encompassing perspectives on the mountains like Gaurishankar, Manaslu, Jugal, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang, and other anonymous mountains can be seen. Alongside the mountains, the view of the sloping scenes can be lovely. Passing by the ethnic local people merrily inviting you would be stunning

11. Pilot Baba

The path from Suryabinayak Mandir to Pilot Baba Ashram is entrancing. The course covers from city to field in the slopes ascending behind the Surayabanayak sanctuary. The beginning point is a 10-minute climb from the Suryabinayak transport stop on the Bhaktapur street. The path was dispersed with jabbering streams, a scope of trees and shrubberies i.e rhododendron, needle wood. While climbing, you will see locals caught up with get-together grain and goats touching in the wilderness.

The path closes with you climbing pointedly to interface the street. Follow the street for 6 km to a famous excursion spot. You can see Pilot Baba sanctuary which you are going to climb. Subsequent to strolling for close to 60 minutes, we arrived at the passageway of the ashram, which is arranged on a hillock. From its top, you can get a handle on a staggering perspective on the slopes encompassing Kathmandu Valley and the Suryabinayak wilderness.

12. Dakshinkali

One of Nepal’s moodiest tantric conciliatory sanctuaries, Dakshin or “southern” Kali, lies toward the finish of the Kathmandu Valley’s longest and most differed street. As it winds its way along with an overlay in the valley edge towards the altar, the Dakshinkali street passes a fine progression of Buddhist and Hindu heavenly places, offering an extraordinary, half-day depiction of Nepal’s strict culture. The street starts at the occupied Balkhu intersection of the Ring Road, at the southwest corner of Kathmandu, barely shy of Kirtipur (which would make a fine side-trip).

13. Panauti

Found around 32 kilometers from the capital Kathmandu, Panauti is an extra memory of a period long past. The word ”Panauti’ in Hindi signifies ‘unfortunate’, and for reasons unknown obscure, it sits entirely well with the authentic foundation of this archaic city. At one look, the town of Panauti is a melancholic chock-a-square of wooden houses, open lobbies, sanctuaries and shops, all settled together taking after the state of a fish in the laps of Himalayan greenery.

14. NamoBuddha

Namobuddha is one of the most significant journey locales in the Valley, especially noteworthy to Tibetan Buddhists. It is related to one of the Jataka Tales, which describes the past existence of the Buddha. Bright supplication banners and pioneers encompass the white Stupa and a cut stone section describes the story.

Namo Buddha is a delightful spot. There is no compelling reason to misrepresent this. The spot is exceptionally tranquil and unadulterated. Its condition is extremely spotless, with no contamination, and the normal air is so new, cool, and solid. It is likewise the ideal spot for an outing. In the early morning, you can see lovely dawn. At night you can see superb nightfall. You can appreciate snow-secured Himalayan extents which look so astounding and unadulterated.

15. Sundarijal

Sundarijal is situated around 17 km upper east of Kathmandu. The minuscule town is the door to the Shivapuri National Park and alongside the mainstream Kathmandu Valley Trekking. Sundarijal is particularly popular for youthful nearby explorers for day climbing, swimming, outing, and bicycle riding. Two or three hours after a tough climb, you will get a tremendous perspective on the Kathmandu valley and the delightful Tamang town called Mulkharka.

This is the course mixed with common vegetation, wild creatures like deer, panther, wild feline, and so on and the spot for some assortments of butterflies and winged animals. Aside from this, it has a social scent.

16. Dolakha Bhimsen

Dolakha Bhimsen temple is located in Dolakha bazaar on the Dolakha district in Nepal and it’s far one of the maximum outstanding and worshipped temples through the Nepalese and in particular through the buyers or merchandisers. It takes approximately six to seven hours to attain Dolakha from Kathmandu.

The fundamental statue of this roofless temple is the god Bhim manufactured from triangular fashioned stone, Bhimsen, or Bhimeshwar who become the second one prince a few of the panch Pandav (as referred to in Mahabharata). He is the son of Lord Wind and believed to be as robust as 10000 elephants. It is stated that the idol on this temple resembles 3 specific Gods: Bhimeshwar withinside the morning, Mahadeva all through the day, and the Narayana withinside the evening. The maximum first-rate element approximately the idol of this temple is that it sweats and the area people regard it as a totally terrible caution and foresees that something evil goes to arise withinside the close to destiny at any time droplets of moisture emerge at the floor of the idol.

17. Balaju

The recreation center, additionally broadly known as the ‘Water Garden’, demonstrated its dry side and illuminated the basic pattern of disappearing water sources. The socially significant Bais Dhara (a line of 22 stone water spouts) were totally dry and stood distinctly as an authentic image of water wealth. Individuals come here for a blessed shower during the celebration. the nursery is in the shade of a lavish backwoods of Raniban so it is advanced with greenery. Trees, hanging plants, and nursery plants and blossoms at the Balaju park are as yet lavish and wonderful. Thus, this spot keeps on attracting picnickers and amusement searchers.

18. Karya Binayak

Karya Binayak is generally adored as a defender god of Khokana town and some state Bungamati too. Like Jal Binayak has apparently settled a defender to blessed downpour giving Nagas living in Tau Daha lake. Consistently in Mangsir Purnima (full moon night in the long stretch of Mangshir in Nepali schedule), a function is held that requires adoring both Rato Machindranath and Karya Binayak at exact same favorable date and time; the formality can be seen in Bungamati. Karya Binayak is brought to Rato Machindranath and rotated multiple times around the sanctuary and afterward, the Binayak is taken to the Priest’s home. This means that the finish of the Jatra.

19. Sallaghari Subarneshwor

Subarneshwor Mahadev Temple is a Shiva sanctuary as the Ananatalingeswor Mahadeva Temple. Despite the fact that these sanctuaries are in two better places, they convey a similar part of the topography. This sanctuary is additionally a focal fascination in the middle of the wild. Strictly, this spot is significant. Particularly for the Newars of Bhaktapur.

Other than the strict significance, this spot is a lot of come being used for the picnics. Individuals go there to make the most of their days off. Additionally, individuals like to go to this spot in light of its geological structure. A delightful spot with natural air and a quiet setting, this is the thing that everybody needs in their visit.

20. Budanilkantha

The Budhanilkantha or Budda Neelkanth Temple is acclaimed for its brilliant stone cutting separated from being a strict spot for the Hindus which is honored with the biggest sculpture of Lord Vishnu. The divinity of Vishnu lies on the Ananta Sesa( the everlasting snake with various heads). You can likewise drench yourself in nature and family excursion here.

21. Shivapuri National Park

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park (SNNP) is the closest park from Kathmandu valley covering a zone of 159 km2 (61 sq mi). The name depended on the Shivapuri top (2,732m/8,963ft) which is the most elevated top in the public park. The best season to visit the recreation center from September to May for an extraordinary nature walk. The recreation center contains five backwoods biological systems; Mountain oak, Collinean oak, Castanopsis indicia, Schima wallichii, and Pinus roxburghii where 465 types of plants are recorded. The warm-blooded animal contains 19 species among which incorporate Himalayan mountain bear, Himalayan goral, panther, wild pig, woofing deer, brilliant jackal, squirrel, Hanuman langur, dark rodent, and so on. Among the 311 fowl species, it was recognized as 227 occupants, 48 transients and 36 were both.

22. Sankha Park

Sankha Park is a recreation center close to Chappal Karkhana, Kathmandu. The inhabitants visit the recreation center for picnicking, meeting, and morning walk. The recreation center is overseen by Kathmandu Metropolitan City. This park is arranged next to a bustling ring street and offers comfort to the numerous passers-by from the contamination and warmth of the city.

23. Chobhar (Kirtipur)

Chobhar slope arranged 6 kilometers south of Kathmandu. The Chobhar Gorge and the Jal Vinayak sanctuary are arranged here in Kathamndu. picturesque streets with stunning perspectives on the Himalayas and get to know the nearby Newari culture.

24. Kulekhani

Kulekhani is a town improvement board in Makwanpur District in the Narayani Zone of southern Nepal. It is better known for its hydro venture dam, which is the principle fascination of the spot. What’s more, obviously, Kulekhani is generally well known for hiking, picnic, and floating. It is one of the most attractive spots for any guest that won’t frustrate you. Indeed, even the route to Kulekhani is exciting.

25. Chandragiri

Chandragiri Hill is seven kilometers from Thankot and 2551 meters above the ocean level. The slope gives all encompassing perspectives on Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayan extents from Annapurna to Everest. The Chandragiri Hill was an antiquated exchanging course that experienced Kulekhani, Chitlang, Chandragiri pass, and Thankot. The Bhaleshwor Mahadev sanctuary at the head of the slope is the place King Prithvi Narayan Shah revered the god before overcoming the valley. Other than the Panoramic perspective on the Himalayas, exercises to engage and entertain visitors of all age gatherings, the area presently remains as a definitive fun objective.

26. Khokana

Khokana, a conventional and little Newari town around 8 kilometers south of Kathmandu (on the edges of Patan). Khokana is predominantly known for the creation of rich mustard oil since old times. It was additionally the first town in Nepal to be lit with power in 1911 AD during the rule of Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher.

The primary street leads through the town, which offers a window back in time, with bedding producers stuffing cases with cotton, farmer baling straw, tailors sewing, and ladies turning fleece and winnowing rice. In the primary town square is the triple-layered Shekala Mai Temple (otherwise called Rudrayani) with cut overhangs secured by fretwork screens.

27. Patale Ban

Pataleban is genuinely content with the tweeting of feathered creatures and lovely woods. Pataleban, which truly means ‘meager woodland’, covers many winged creature species, for example, kalij fowl, Lampuchhre, cuckoo, etc just as get so as to discover deer and monkeys, when sufficiently fortunate.

At the top, you will be welcomed by the area of entrancing green slopes furthermore watch similarly as Dhading, Kritipur, and Kathmandu. Pataleban climbing shows during winter for Spectacular Mountain sees Lantang, Ganesh, and Manaslu.

28. Palanchowk Bhagwati

Palanchowk Bhagwati Temple is 42 kilometers from Kathmandu. There is an icon of 3 feet high goddess Bhagawati masterfully cut in dark stone. It is one of the most popular sanctuaries for Buddhists and Hindus. This sanctuary is accepted to have been developed during the rule of King Man Dev.

The north horizon loosens up with snow-topped extents, the captivating scenes of dawn and dusk, and lovely elevated perspectives; an ideal domain for a cookout. On an unmistakable bright day, a remarkable perspective on the perfectly clear Himalayan range, excellent scene of Panchkhal, and the beautiful uneven district of the eastern piece of Nepal make the second invaluable.

29. Gokarna

Gokarna Mahadev Temple is arranged in the Gokarneshwar region of the Kathmandu area. One can arrive at this excellent sanctuary from only a 10-minute drive from the renowned Boudhanath Stupa. The sanctuary was underlying 1582 by a Gopiran Bharo as a Newari three-story pagoda-style structure. Different stone carvings can be found around the compound of the sanctuary.

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